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2000 years ago, humankind progressed in magic and science, and built an advanced civilization. However, they came into battle against powerful angels, and were slain to the brink of extinction.

Humankind revived eventually from this downfall and rebuilt new civilization. However, the battle with the angels was so devastating that many things were lost, such as the technologies of magic and science. In the present time, there is no one who knows the truth of what happened; there are only myths that speak of "magic" and "angels that punished humanity". Even the existence of the angels who destroyed mankind have been reduced to legend and folklore.

Even as eras change and pass, war occurs among humans.

On this world there is a continent called Noievarl. There are four countries, each with their own differences, and they begin aggressions to their neighboring nations. The people have forgotten that they were on the verge of destruction by the hands of malevolent angels two thousand years before.

In the south is Lamplast Island; the Arten Schwart mercenaries were hired to defend it from invasion from outside continents. However, an angel suddenly appeared and assailed the fighting humans, and the mercenary group had to flee from the battleground. The angel was so powerful that it could bring everything to nonexistence.

Crevaniel, a mercenary raised in Arten Schwart, witnessed the six-winged angel in the sky. On the night that they returned to the mainland, the captain of the mercenary group, Dixon, affirmed that he saw the angel, and they were the only two people who could see it. He said to Crevaniel that he was the "key to stop the angels".

With this as his destiny, Crevaniel set out to discover how to defeat the angels and save the fate of humanity. He will become a new Savior of Light, the Growlanser.

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