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GROWLANSER V Generations / Heritage of War

The first 3-D Growlanser game. The battle system is also revamped from previous Growlansers. The player character must be controlled by the console controller during battle in the Japanese version; this was changed in the English version as the player character may be fully commanded by the menu. A new skill plate system called the 'ability tree system' is implemented that allows customization of party members. The battle system also makes use of AI-controlled party members by default which the player may customize, however the mission battles default to being without AI automation.

Generations was released in Japan in August 2006 and the North American version in September 2007 renamed as Heritage of War. Like previous Growlansers, the theme of war is a major part of the story. The story is introduced through different characters' point of views in the prologue, and there are additional chapters to unlock. The story and setting are unrelated to previous Growlanser games.

Director: Shinjiro Takada
Scenario Writer: Yoh Haduki
Character Designer: Satoshi Urushihara
Music Composer: Kenichi Tsuchiya, Eisuke Seki
Opening & Ending Theme (JP): Crunchy Brunch
Opening & Ending Theme (EN): William Kevin Anderson

Release Date:
August 3, 2006 (JP)
September 18, 2007 (NA)
August 8, 2008 (EU)

Growlanser V, PS2, JP
Growlanser V (Limited), PS2, JP
Growlanser Heritage of War, PS2, US
Growlanser Heritage of War, PS2, EU

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