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For 2000 years, the continent has been cut off from the rest of the world due to a barrier that surrounds the landmass. The people of the continent stay away from the shores, because the waters are claimed by amphibious creatures called Screapers that attack humans at will. As a result, the people tend to congregate in desert, mountain, and forest towns instead.

On the island continent, the land is decaying and countries fight over fertile ground. The country of Grangale has conquered the country of Neylern. Disgusted by the senseless bloodshed, a man named Seldous seeks a "Paradise Legend" which is said to have united the continent in peace. He, along with a new comrade Isaac, discover a powerful ancient weapon and revive it. With its devastating power they threatened the warring countries and forced them to stop, and brought an end to the war by force.

Seldous and Isaac founded the Peace Maintenance Brigade to keep countries from going to war. However, that still doesn't solve the conflicts completely. Furthermore, the land is plagued with brutal monsters called Screapers.

Two decades later, a young man named Zeonsilt (Haschen) is recruited to the PMB after his home was destroyed by Screapers. He along with his new friends must deal with the affairs of the countries to preserve peace for their generation, and also protect people from Screapers.

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