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The Esgrenz continent mainly consists of three nations and a large company. In the southern part, the monarchical country Hingistan Kingdom, there are people who are oppressing the rule of the royal family and rising to action. As an anti-government organization they aim for independence and cause an internal conflict.

The anti-government organization disperses small-scale insurrections in various places, and the Hingistan kingdom is in tempest and falls furthermore into unstable conditions.

Meanwhile the country in the west, Fomeros, sends troops to Hingistan to suppress the rebellions in the pretext of protecting the citizens but they are aiming for Hingistan's ore mines. Hingistan, the anti-government organization, and Fomeros engage in a three-way struggle.

Lastly, neighboring Hingistan in the east is the international company Monopolis which is situated in Jewarl. Holding a powerful private army, Monopolis seeks to extend its market to the battlefield in Hingistan.

Across the ocean from Esgrenz is an isolated continent closed off by a barrier of light. This "scapegoat" continent is called Goatland. At present Monopolis' interest is the untouched market that exists in this continent.

A member of the Monopolis private force, Merklich, gains the ability to go back in time due to an operation. There is no information on him in the Monopolis database and he apparently lost his memory. He will have to find answers, change history, and restore the future.

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