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Ruise Fallsmyer
Collectible PVC figure by Enterbrain. Painted and pre-assembled. Height: 130mm approx. April 2, 2006.
D-LN Figurine
Came with the GROWLANSER IV Deluxe Pack. Approximately 21 cm tall.
Growlanser Mini Figure Collection
Total of five Growlanser character mini figures randomly selected from Silvernale, Monika, Tipi, Korin, Frane. Each one has a color variation. Height: 110mm approx. Made of PVC. June 6, 2006.

Digital Accessories

Growlanser I-II-III Desktop Accessories
Windows CD-ROM with a collection of Growlanser I, II, and III themed desktop accessories such as wallpaper, screensavers, and calendars. Includes a character dictionary compiling 27 characters.
Growlanser Digital Accessory ~Eiyuu no Kikan~ (Hero's Return)
Windows PC CD-ROM. New voice actor recordings, character concept artwork, and an original drama episode. Digital accessories such as clocks, calendars, puzzles, and screensavers. August 7, 2003.
Growlanser IV: Wayfarer of the Time - Digital Accessory Tenshi no Kioku (Angel's Memory)
A digital accessory pack for PCs that uses two of the characters from Growlanser IV. The package includes desktop wallpapers, computer icons, screen savers, system voices, applications like a clock, calendar and mail checker, and a collection of mini-games like slide puzzles and find-the-difference picture challenges. Japanese.

Memory Cards

Playstation 2 Growlanser IV Wayfarer of the Time 8MB Memory Card
December 18, 2003
Playstation 2 Growlanser IV Return 8MB Memory Card
Contains Growlanser IV Wayfarer of Time clear data. March 10, 2005


Clock Clock Button Pins Mousepad
Cellphone Strap Pencil Board Pencil Board  

Telephone Cards

Many different telephone card images were made for each Growlanser title. They are like collectible cards, therefore all of them cannot be displayed here; here is just a sampling.


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