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Growlanser I PSX version

Hikari no Tsubasa (Wings of Light) Male version - 1st Opening - Japanese

Hikari no Tsubasa (Wings of Light) Female version - 2nd Opening - Japanese

Growlanser I PSP version

Tomorrow - 1st Opening - Japanese

Crimson Star - 2nd Opening - Japanese

LINK SYNC - Ending - Japanese

Growlanser II

On the Road - Opening - Japanese

Atarashii Kaze (New Wind) - Ending - Japanese

Growlanser III

To Your Tomorrow (Opening) - English

To Your Tomorrow (Ending) - English

Kimi no Ashita e (Opening) - Japanese

Kimi no Ashita e (Ending) - Japanese

Growlanser IV

Before the Daylight - Opening - Japanese

Your Memories ~Sepia Iro no Omoide tachi~ - Ending - Japanese

Yakusoku (Promise) - Silvernale Character Song - Japanese

Growlanser V

Innovation - Opening - Japanese

Kaze no Kanata (Beyond the Wind) - Ending - Japanese

Tobira (The Door) - Zeonsilt Character Song - Japanese

Shiawase ni Naru Koushiki (The Formula That Brings Happiness) - Fanille Character Song - Japanese

LoVe BouT! - Korin & Yurii Character Song - Japanese

Gesshoku ~LUNAR ECLIPSE~ - Melvina Character Song - Japanese

JEWEL - Elessa Character Song - Japanese

FEARLESS - Gaerik Character Song - Japanese

Yuukoku no ANTHEM (Patriotic Anthem) - Rufus Character Song - Japanese

Concert ADAGIO - Randall Character Song - Japanese

Growlanser VI

Bravery ~Tadoritsukitai kimi e~ - Opening - Japanese

BEGIN - Ending - Japanese

Credit for lyrics of "Hikari no Tsubasa", "Bravery", and "Begin" to Child of Eve.

Sheet Music

Growlanser I

She's Gone
page 1 | midi | zip

The Sunset
page 1 | midi | zip

Silent Decision
page 1 | midi | zip

Growlanser III

To Your Tomorrow (Opening)
page 1 | midi | zip

Growlanser V

page 1 | midi | zip

Love Theme
page 1 | page 2 | midi | zip

Transcribed by Lucethira

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